Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Midge At #SciFiPawty

March 23 hosted the fourth annual #SciFiPawty (Twitter) to raise funds for One By One Kitten Rescue! @BorisKitty hosted the awesome event which raised over $1500 in a single evening for homeless kittens! Of course, @MidgetheMutt attended in her hand-drawn Star Wars Imperial Walker costume! (Yes, done by yours truly)
Midge won a $10 donation in her name to One By One Kitten rescue! And Sunday boasted a new Midge comic in The Anipal Times - which you can read HERE.

Also - MidgeShop now has Midge's superhero alter-ego available as a design - TAEKWON-DOG!
Click the pic to shop TAEKWON-DOG merchandise!

For all other Midge updates - Groundhogs Day Prediction, Superbowl Prediction Faceoff V, comic premieres and more - go to www.officialmidge.com.

AND I have now started posting my artwork on deviantArt. You can Watch me there and check out my artwork. Just go to www.sunnyarts.deviantart.com.

And, yes, Midge's Groundhog's Day Prediction was way wrong. Sorry about that. But to be fair. So was Phil's. You can't win 'em all. :-)

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